Chamonna Lischana

I used all my possible spare time at the weekend to make a tour with lodging-place at the Engadin.

Day 1: Departure after delay by 02:30 Friday night with the CNL, arrival 06:54 at Basel, meeting with a friend and continuing to go to Scuol-Tarasp by SBB, arrival 12:15 a. m. in the bright sunshine.

Taking coffee quickly, then starting the ascension to Chamonna lodging-place (about 1,100 from 2,500 metres) – always steep at the same level, 3.75 hours of convenient walking, sometimes some drizzle rain, right at the twilight the sun came out again. On the way we saw marmot and chamois and arrived at the lodging-place by 17:30. Actually we thought, that we would have the reserved lodging-place almost on our own. But far from that: it was completely booked with others. In consequence we had to sleep one against the other like the fishes in the tin. Three sleeping-places had to be shared by four people. I went out for a short time and saw some ibexes which I snapped a few times and by 18:30 we took supper with soup, lasagne and panna cotta, then we were chatting, drinking a lot and turning of the light by 21:45. Despite of the tight accommodation and three times going out and returning immediately 🙂 the night was calm and I slept well.

Day 2: We took breakfast by 06:30 right after a short check of the weather-conditions: no clouds,that meant we would start our activities right after taking muesli and bread. It’s a great experience to wake up, to step outside, to be already in the mountains and ready to start the tour immediately. A magnificent tour. The first light of the day covering the mountain tops, fighting ibexes, snow hens while we ascended up to some more than 3,000 metres.

The sun shone brightly and we had a panorama view over the valley, towards the tops of big mountains, onto a rocky rubble plateau, just as if we were at another planet, far away from any civilisation. What a wonderful way of recreation! We left out the Piz Lischana and preferred to walk over rubble to the lake Lajet da Lischana. That deep blue lake reflecting the mountain top was the perfect place for a cosy break.

The descending afterwards was steep and adventurous, lots of rubble, very slippery. The way was partly fixed with chains, (walking-) sticks and gloves were a must. Short after 13:00 we arrived at S’carl. Cleaning and refreshing the body at a well, drinking coffee, taking the post-bus to Scuol, going by SBB to Basel, buying chocolate and returning back home by ICE. Arrival on Sunday evening short after 22:00 – it was a great tour!