Kupfergeist rope climb in Hüttschlag

Last week I enjoyed the rope climb Kupfersteig at Hüttenschlag/Großarltal. It was strenuous at the one hand but at the other hand it was a great feeling to have coped with it. If I would have informed myself thoroughly from profound sources before, I would surely not have done it.

Afterwards I read the description which is as follows: another masterpiece by Richard Franzl for the climb professionals, which requires courage, a profound climb technique and long-lasting power! Not recommended for beginners. At many parts difficulties of category D and D/E – a very exhausting rope climb comparable with a rope climb of category E!

Thanks to the climb guide Sebastian (ask me for his contact data!) who gave me the courage to hold on and gave me hints how to cope with the difficulties I was able to overcome the rope climb and was even having fun all the while!

We needed a bit more than one hour all in all, but it seems to be very okay – not regarding the 11 minutes which it takes the climb guide or his son. The following day for example the mountain emergency had to pick one person out of the rope climb, who was completely exhausted.

Here is the short description of the Kupfersteig rope climb from the internet: across the entering panel (B and B/C) turn to the big rope climb toward the glacier. Then upwards at the left side of a jut-out roof (C and C/D) and zigzag over beautiful steep panels until reaching a vertical wall which is the key place (D/E, a grasp bow). After a earthy zone of grass the second key place follows (D/E, very steep and exhausting, two grasp bows). Afterwards a little less steep across panels (C to D) turn to the left and within a traverse (B to C) turn to a partly jut-out very prominent pillar (C/D and D) with a final traverse, over which you reach at the rope bridge. Thereafter you may cross

the short exit pillar ( C ) up to the view pulpit (grid).

Let me complete this as follows: The second key place can be by-passed meanwhile with an alternative way of level C/D (but only under dry weather-conditions). The path is fixed with ropes everywhere, but I would partly prefer shorter distances between the ropes. I also have to advise you to wear professional climb shoes. I was there only with trekking shoes and I often needed to have more grip at the rock! It will also be helpful for you to have a spring-hook in spare.

Finally let me give you more information about me and my preparation, which might help you to estimate much better how difficult it could be for you: since about 6 month I am indoor climbing and reached there at level 5 which is actually not a very professional one. I used to go jogging four one hour regularly and enjoy two or three times per year mountain excursions in the Alps or at volcanoes. From time to time I do pull-ups and push-ups at home. I am father of three little children. Taking everything into consideration it is a great experience to me and motivating to train much more in order to be able to cope with similar or more difficult ascents e.g. Königsjodler, Sky Walk!