Zweiländer Sports rope climb Kanzelwand

When I wanted to find out about possible tours in the Kleinwalsertal I became interested in e.g. the offer about rope climbing from the local climbing school. We started indoor-climbing half a year ago, that’s why I immediately got interested. In the folder they wrote that it’s meant for ambitious and experienced people and at the internet site they wrote that the Zweiländer sports rope climb were the most demanding rope climb ground within the Allgäuer Alpen. Even if the wall needed “only” to be traversed, the climbing sometimes is very much brushing aside and therefore a strong biceps is required. – I see. – Before I booked it I preferred to ask at the climbing school. But they said, that it should be no problem for me.

The first attempt failed due to bad weather-conditions (a thunderstorm with hail), the second attempt was successful and the weather was excellent. But I have to admit, that I was uncertain, whether it would turn out to be okay for me, what I initiated here. Then at rope climb category D, I had to fight, but I was victorious again – thanks to first of all the great mountain-guide and secondly the climb group being homogeneous. Also the key difficulties were possible for me and it was simply a great experience to climb straight to the rock with a limited risk which one could count on. I surely will do it again! It took us not more than two hours and we could ascend down the Walsersteig from where we had great views!

The short description at the internet site describes it as follows: The entrance to the climb rope 2-Länder starts moderate over big blocks of rock. It isn’t very difficult to gain height (at most level C) before one reaches at the traverses brushing aside (D). An even a ramp is followed by a steep wall which involves much power to be overcome. One has to cope with a cable bridge and a few more upward circles and traverses and soon you can see the cross on the top of the pulpit wall. Remark: We had a spring-hook in spare with us which is surely advisable. The above mentioned steep wall is as long as four ropes, but crampons are adjusted there. That’s why from my point of view it is not as difficult to manage or as much consuming power as it had been described!