• Looking for Manga Artist

    For my actual project about Japan I would need some (paid!) support of a manga artist. During the trip...
  • Behind the scenes

    Behind the scenes: Working at my Multivision about Japan. Pics -> Scribble + Coffee = Script + Music +...
  • Outdoor Mag 5/15

    Edition 5/15 of German “Outdoor Magazin” contains my article about my very hot trekking tour to Kamchatka in 2013.
  • Reisefieber

    Fantastic show. Great location, packed audience and boisterous atmosphere.
  • BERGinale

    Fantastic show at BERGinale, Berchtesgaden (Germany). A grateful public in the middle of an unbelievable mountain scenery.
  • trekking Mag 02/15

    Edition 02/15 of German “trekking Magazin” is out. Contains two articles of mine about volcano trekking (Link to German...
  • Reisefieber

    I am going to present my Multimedia-Show about volcanoes and the Kamchatka expedition on March 25th in Bad Homburg.


  • Endless lava fields, Hawaii
  • Tengger Caldera, Indonesia
  • Fuego volcano, Guatemala
  • Haleakala volcano, Hawaii
  • Volcano Dance
  • Ocean Entry, Hawaii

Kamchatka, East Russia

2013_kam_248Trekking extreme, hard weather conditions, wild animals and unbelievable volcanoes: our hot adventures at Kamchatka at the end of the world.